Ryan's Gm application.

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Ryan's Gm application.

Post  Ryan on Sat Mar 14, 2009 10:43 am

Name: Ryan
ign: ihealsurbum
Experience: I have alot of experience. ive had my own server it was called CoupleMs, and BlueMs. You can look it up in google. I played Private server's for about 1 year minumum.
I know gm commands, codes ect.
Why are you applying: I want to help BlehMs Become more populated, i want to help the members of BlehMs.
Will you be active: Yes i will be, i will play as much as i can! say 4 hours weekday's and like the 10 - 12 hours weekends.
Extra: i live in california, im very responsible... i know what im doing. I like helping people. I can take orders.
That about it i hope you pick me guys... and if you do im Happy to be apart of the BlehMs Staff Very Happy!


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